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Bedaux Art Brussels

Exhibition Doorlocks

Art of the Dogon




Summer Exhibition 2017

Exhibition Dogon and Bamana Doorlocks


Spring 2017
Vernissage March 17

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Art of the Dogon

Art of the Dogon
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Under the name of Bedaux Art, Dr. Jan Baptist Bedaux offers a broad range of services. Mediation in the selling and purchasing of works of art, counsel and professional advice for both novel and experienced collectors as well as corporations in starting and expanding their collections.
Bedaux Art has experience in a wide field of the arts, and is specialised in Netherlandish masterpaintings from the 15th to the 20th century.
Dr. Jan Baptist Bedaux is an expert in African fine art, especially the art of the Dogon of which a vast collection has been put together in the last three decades.
Bedaux Art is characterized by integrity, confidentiality and high quality works of art.
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