Bedaux Art Rivoli

 Bedaux Art Rivoli


Since March 1st, Bedaux Art opened a new gallery in Brussels in the Rivoli building, a landmark of the late Seventies. It’s located in the heart of the Bascule area, close to Avenue Louise, Avenue Molière and Chausée de Vleurgat. The Rivoli was originally designed to be a luxury shopping mall. After being deserted for a long time, it’s now getting a vibrant second life thanks to the number of art galleries and non-profit art projects that have settled in for the past couple of years.


It is a well-known story that around 1900 modernist artists became fascinated by tribal art. In their search for archaism, schematisation and stylization they found their peers in the tribal artists of the African continent and Oceania. The modernists collected the artefacts from those areas which were of great inspiration to them. At the same time collectors of modernist art started expanding their collections with tribal art. To unite and show both art in one and the same space became a tradition. At Bedaux Art Rivoli we build on this tradition by showing works of the Belgian painter Lucas Cann next to a selection of classical African tribal art from our own collection. You can find us at gallery #27.


Bedaux Art welcomes you at the vernissage of the two exhibitions on Sunday, March 17th, from 3 - 7pm, together with the vernissages of the other galleries.

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Getting there

Rivoli Building, Chausée de Waterloo 690, 1180 Brussels




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